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Basel Anabtawi, A God amongst us humans, is a DIE HARD Metallica fan. Really. Die Hard. Obsessed.  Crazy. Not Normal. Psycho.

Basel is adamant to meet Metallica and we, his friends, will do all we can to make it happen!

This shit is serious folks. This shit is very serious!!!
Twitter went insane on that day.
#baselmeetsmetallica reached up to the 3rd most trending topic in the UAE on Sunday!!
People from all over the globe gave him their support and now its time for you to do the same!
Below are several ways that you can help in making Basel’s dream come true:

“Think Flash” kinda blew us off. But who the hell cares??? POST ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE! Ask them to help Basel! Hell, DEMAAAAAAAAAAAND that they help Basel!! NOW!

There’s also a special page on Facebook for our special friend Basel who wants to make a special dream come true! Click here and LIKE the page and help spread it out to all your friends!! Post it to your wall. Post it to your friends wall. Send it to that loser friend who spends all his/her time on the internet and ask him/her to spread it all over the place!!

Last but not least, click this link and then click on the HEART! YES! The Heart!! It’ll only take a minute of your time!


PS: Here’s How Flash Missed an Excellent Opportunity by the Mighty Joe Akkawi!

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